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Augmented Reality (AR)

We at Shine Star Services proudly providing imagination, innovative, interactive services and one of them is Augmented Reality. We have created couple of augmented applications for our customers. We have our own augmented application for our customers in Real Estate, Interior designer, Education, Games, Automotive, Kitchen, bathroom industries and more.

Real estate industry requires unique solutions to attract customers. With Augmented Reality Application, you can now provide information in ways never possible before. User can visit the future home via single touch. Our technology allows you to create immersive presentations, allowing clients to realize your offerings in a more engaging way than ever before. Want to know more about AR in real estate? Download our demo augmented application on App store: “WORLD OF AR”, ALYA BATH (AR/VR). And watch more our samples done by us below:

AR provides the chances to place the new building at the foot or around of the client – like it was really there. The client can walk around it, feel it, zoom in, zoom out, can discover not just the static surrounding but the animated parts, which makes the content a lot more real. Moving cars, flying clouds, lights switched on – all of these are possible with AR.

The idea of augmented reality (AR) is something out of a fantasy or science fiction novel, education, toys. AR is the technology that jumps out of an impersonal computer or device and into the real world, essentially "coming alive." It always makes wonder to the Kids if you give them visualization of their Toy-Games Imagination.

When learning about the animals, you can have kids/students look at pictures, or watch a video, but with augmented reality you can put the running animal on your phone/ desk in 3D to interact with. That is powerful!

We develop our application based on Unity, Vuforia, ARKit and ARCore.

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