Mechanical Engineering

Shine Star Services is pioneer in this industry providing fast and accurate engineering design and manufacturing services with expert engineering team. Our team of engineers is highly qualified working with L&T, Honda motors, GM motors, SKF bearing and many big companies. Our team of engineers has 8-15 years of experience in Automobile, mechanical, bearing and other industries. We will take care about your requirements with our best CAD, CAM, CAE, Product Design, Styling, Surfacing, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototype, Mould Design and Manufacturing skills. We always believe in result driven work for our client and on time work with best quality is our commitment. We are always committed for providing quality Services through excellent designing on time with quality to our clients. We offer Softwares: AutoCAD, Solid works, Pro-E (Creo), Catia, Rhino, Vector works, Solid edge, Ansys and etc.

Shine Star Services has years of experience Serving many industries with their mechanical product design and drafting expertise. We are involve in some potential mechanical product design projects with our team of expert engineers who are always been strength of Shine Star Services. We have developed highly technical lab for product design, drafting and manufacturing. Since the year of establishment, we have delivered excellent mechanical designs to our clients worldwide. We are delivering our services to many big industries like medical, shipping, railways, automotive, aeronautical, aerospace, education, heavy machineries, pharmaceutics and many more.

  • Detailing of Part and Assembly
  • Photo rendering and Animation
  • CAD-to-CAD Data Migration
  • 2D To 3D Conversion
  • Assembly
  • Data Conversion
  • Generation of Sheet metal Components
  • 3D Modeling
  • Product Design and Crafting
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Freeform Surface Modeling

We are offering complete Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Solutions. It helps those organizations who are looking to outsource their laborious task of manual part-programming for CNC Milling/Lathe machines. We use sophisticated CNC solutions to automate the process of generating CNC codes thereby eliminating the risks of human error, which occurs so often when the CNC code is manually created. The main benefit of using Cam Solution is that any error that may happen due to tool gouging improperly placed clamps etc can easily be identified and rectified before the actual machining starts. This may directly reduce product development cycles and time to develop fine product.

  • CNC Milling & Lathe Programming
  • Tool, Mould & Die Design
  • Shine Star Services Solutions CAM Expertise
  • Functional areas of R-CAD Services to offer CAM Solution

Do you want to test whether your conceptual product design will be compatible with real-time loading conditions?
* Do you want to know how to do; when both thermal and structural stress is applied at the same time?
* Do you want to reduce time and cost of experimental testing to a greater extent?
If you are getting YES of above questions, then you need help of CAE - Computer-Aided Engineering.
In this revolution era, when World has become engineering hub, Day by Day customer requirements are increasing which leads to more complex product development. However implementation of CAD, CAM and CAE has given new definition to product development lifecycle. Especially with CAE services, Product life cycle has been reduced. Our expert team belongs from highly technical background with quality consciousness and always working to exceed the Customer satisfaction. Our core strength areas in terms of CAE Services are structural design, analysis, testing, test-analysis correlation and optimization. We always believe in giving best CAE Services to meet client satisfaction, and we always make sure that we provide quality Analysis based solution with high level of support and services. Shine Star Services have done many CAE projects. We use many latest CAE tools like Hypermesh, Nastran, LS-Dyna, , K-PIPE, CAESAR-II, ANSA, MSC/PATRAN, ADAMS, ANSYS, IDEAS SimulationMSC/NASTRAN, ABAQUS, SOFY, MEDINA, MADYMO and PAM-CRASH.

  • Generation of FE Mesh
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Design Optimization & Redesign
  • Thermal Analysis

A styling of a Product Design involves all the practices which make product Design and actual fine Product appealing and elegant as per client's imagination about what it should be. Shine Star Services always take care about Product design Styling. Shine Star Services has expert team will ensure best Styling through implementing Styling techniques effectively such that we products developed by us matches 100% client's requirement of product's look. Our Experts knows very well about how to use phenomenon of Semantics to develop aesthetically pleasing products. We completely understand that effective styling of product educe physical and emotional response for fine quality.

Being product design exerts, engineers and designers from Shine Star Services are always aim to see that the idea of actual product should reach to market after design and development of product. We make sure this by our effective styling of product. We have created a separate Styling process to emphasize on product styling. In product styling process, our engineers make your new product design idea or existing product more attractive with improving on functional requirements and ease in production at low cost. It directly leads to make product successful in market. Even if you are facing low market response for your product, Shine Star Services is there to help you. Many times we have seen that though product quality is excellent, just due to poor aesthetic compare to competitor's product, people get low sell in market. In this case we do detail analysis of competitor's product. After that we add those missing aesthetic and easy to use functionalities to current product which gets huge market success and improve sell of your product.

If you are thinking about improving your product, just contact us, we will be please to help you with our product styling techniques to make your product successful.

A product has to pass from some complex process to come in to complete finish product from just an Idea but we know very well how to convert an idea to Finely Finish Product. A complete product design includes many tough process like feasibility check, rapid prototyping (RPT), virtual prototyping, customized solutions, Manufacturing and product testing. Shine Star Services always give 100% to create best product without any bugs because we completely understand that our Success belongs to our clients only. You just need to diver your idea and desired product specifications; we will take care about rest of the things. We begin each project by understanding the client goals for the proposed product in terms of function, cost, aesthetics, performance and manufacturability. After that we start analyzing customer's requirement followed by assembly, detailed design, interference and tolerance checks and detailed bill of material. After that actual Product Design get started. We can cover the entire spectrum of services for your product. Moreover we have excellent experience of tooling and manufacturing. We provide complete optimization of design for ease of manufacturing, manufacturing feasibility and meeting standards for quality and functionality to avoid late mess up tasks.

Benefits of Product Design by Shine Star Services:

  • Proven expertise in product and development
  • Finite Element Analysis skills both in static as well as dynamic
  • Vast experience in handling entire Product Lifecycle from design development to production
  • Shorten and fast design cycles
  • Reduction in design and development costs
  • Development of product in lead time

Basically, Class A surfaces are an important term used in automotive design which describes a set of freeform surfaces of high efficiency and quality. Strictly, it is just surfaces having curvature and tangency alignment. Mostly Class A surfacing is done with the help of computer aided industrial design applications like CAD/CAM/CAE. Our industrial product designers at Shine Star Services develop their design styling with the use of the A surface. This A surface is the Physical surface that end user and client can see, feel and touch it. As we all know, class A surfacing is itself an art form, it is mandatory to choose right tools to make world class appealing product to be successful in market. Our design engineers of Shine Star Services understand its importance very well. We use ICEM Surf software for our surface modeling projects for clients. It is used by all automotive design companies worldwide as Class A Surface Design tool. ICEM software works excellent with error free outcome. It has some specialties which make it unique from other designing software tools, such one characteristic of it is Surface analysis tool of it. It generates many in detail accurate reports, among them Surface sections, curvature sections, curvature plots and highlight plots are very important reports available to the modeler. However what makes ICEM very special is its capacity to work with real time data. Those plots and reports generated by ICEM can be updated in real time, as soon as the modeler makes changes to the surfaces. ICEM is just one software among many other such powerful softwares used by Shine Star Services for excellent and accurate error free designs.

We would love to help you for your Surface Modeling project with our expertise and experience both.

Reverse engineering Term is a key term used in all engineering industry. It is a process of transforming an innovative idea to a new product and testing that the product with various parameters before manufacturing it. This process includes virtual creation of product and product data management tasks which are related to manufacturing engineering, product support and re-engineering. Our expertise in reverse engineering cam fulfills your needs to document an existing product or to develop a modified version with quality control inspection drawings. The team of Shine Star Services is fully capable enough to handle reverse engineering process. Shine Star Services has years of experience of digitizing methods and excellent record of designing and machining of some challenging 3-D components. With such successful background we are confident for fulfilling all your requirements. We offer reverse engineering techniques using data from physical components and curve & point from 3D scanning and developing component 3d models, Rapid Prototypes and inspection of physical models with CAD models. Along with our infrastructure, our core experienced engineering team always enable us to undertake some challenging and complex Reverse engineering assignments and projects. We use both methods contact (CMM) and non-contact (White Light Scanner/ Laser Scanner) to give best experience to our customers in very compatible prices. Our engineers have the expertise to handle profiles from the simple to the most complex. We have been providing Reverse engineering services to a variety of industries worldwide. Our key clients are based in USA, Europe, Canada and Australia for over 4 years. We always try to be consultative for our clients. Our problem solving approach to any potential issue helps you to achieve your goals with less efforts and best quality product. Our engineers have vast experience of working with wide variety of CAD softwares such as SolidWorks, Pro/E, etc to deliver CAD files in any format you need.

Shine Star Services Provides Following Applications and Services for Reverse engineering:

  • 3D Scanning parts and capturing the dimensions in CAD files
  • Electrode manufacture from sample parts molds or models
  • To create Surfaces from point cloud data
  • Prototype model resizing
  • Create CAD files from previously handmade models, tools and dies
  • Develop multiple size changes from a single model, thereby eliminating expensive.CAD redesign
  • Developing new tools and dies from existing, undocumented, moulds and dies

Rapid Prototyping is also known as RPT. By definition, it is a collection of technologies and processes that delivers prototype components in a shorter time than conventional methods. Nowadays Prototyping is being increasingly adopted by small to medium size companies to stay competitive in the market. These days demand of RPT is increasing with rapid development of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) techniques and availability of skilled professionals at affordable rates. We have proven excellent record of providing efficient prototyping techniques such as SLS prototyping, 3D prototype development, Plastic molds and casting design to deliver functional/non-functional 3D models of the end product (new or existing). These prototypes can now be used as a proof of concept for a new product or can imitate the design/functionality of an existing product too. That means, now people don't need to invest more time, efforts and money to develop actual physical product. Prototype has replaced it with many benefits.

Rapid Prototyping services include :

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS prototyping)
  • Stereo lithography (SLA prototyping)
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3D Modeling & Engineering
  • Plastic Injection Molding
At Shine Star Services, we use many Rapid Prototyping technologies like Conventional Technologies, Newer Technologies and Rapid Tooling. So, if you still using 2D designs, rapid prototyping is yet another big reason which indicates you to switch to switch to 3D Designs soon. With this engineering revolution era, functional areas for rapid prototyping are growing vastly. Scope of Rapid Prototype for small to medium design is very bright and still it is increasing with rocket speed.

Rapid Prototyping serves many requirements like :

  • Validates fitness and appearance
  • Creates parts in materials that reproduce physical properties
  • Produces prototype components in nylon and ABS
  • Produces wax patterns for investment casting
  • Produces silicon rubber tooling to make urethane resin moldings

Shine Star Services understands that there is no benefit of having Advance technology without people and processes to make it efficient, reliable and fast. Major successful companies mostly works on business flow and production flow with the help of additional leading-edge technologies like mold design. We can create good work with excellent faster progress if high speed machining is available and backlog in polishing is extreme. The mold design technology is used with special purpose in engineering product design companies like Shine Star Services. We know that without overall efficiency, the buyer may not see a reduction in the delivery time and will not consider the service to be rapid. Here the role of mold design technology comes in to picture.

Manufacturing Services and Tooling :
Shine Star Services provides compete manufacturing support for entire Product Development Cycle along with scalability based on customer requirement.

  • Patterns for Sand Casting components
  • BIW Fixtures for Automotive
  • SPM and Jigs & Fixtures for Machining of components
  • Moulds for Plastic components
  • Press Tools for Sheet Metal components
  • Die casting Dies for Castings
  • Forging Dies for forging components
Manufacturing Services and Component Sourcing :
Moreover, Shine Star Services provides production and Supply of
  • Plastic components
  • Sheet Metal components
  • Forging components
  • Casting components
  • Precision Machining parts
Shine Star Services and our Production tie up with :
CNC milling machines available under tie-ups
  • Deckel vertical milling machine XYZ=600*450*450 2 nos.
  • Makino high speed milling machine XYZ=650*400*400 1 no.
  • Super max vertical machine XYZ=650*410*610 1 no.
  • Chavelier Vertical milling machine XYZ=850*500*500 1 no.
  • Dahlih vertical milling machine XYZ=2100*850*760 1 no.
  • Makino S56
  • HAAS
  • CNC Turning Machines available under tie-ups