360 ° Virtual Realistic (VR)

Virtual Realistic (VR) is a technology that brings the advantage of interactive 3D-enabled viewing via desktop, laptop or mobile device to produce portfolios, presentations and collateral for design reviews. Product designers who want to extend the presentation of their visuals can utilize this service to create the high-quality 3D content. We also upload 360 ° VR rotating view of your product files on website.

  • When you can click on 360 Degree, you can rotate our products to see all views and angles.
  • The controls are easy, you can use below Right / Left /Zoom In - Zoom Out buttons or just click and drag your mouse or for touch pad use your finger to view all angles. Also you can use FULL SCREEN option.

Do you have an idea for a product, invention, or service that you would like to market, but need a way to present the concept to potential investors? Perhaps you have already entered the design phase, but need a model that will demonstrate the products functionality and appearance before it is built. If so, you need the Product rendering and visualization services offered by Shine Star Services.

3D Product Visualization is becoming the clear standard for the product and advertising industries owing to the cost prohibitive nature of traditional studio photography and the logistics of organizing the resources required to complete a shoot.

Our 3D product visualization and rendering services can supply you with 3D animated models of your product, turning a conceptual idea into a stunningly realistic model that demonstrates the full potential of your product.